Professional coffee grinder

Professional coffee grinder

For the purchase of a professional coffee grinder for all Italy, there is Macaf

A bar that owns a Macaf professional coffee grinder is sure to have the best product for preparing a perfect coffee.

Professional coffee grinders allow you to obtain a coffee powder with perfect grain. These products, as well as the grinder dosers, make it easy and efficient to transform fragrant beans in an espresso into espresso with the right characteristics of body, taste, and aroma.

Indeed, as the best baristas are well aware, grinding the coffee at the moment of use is the best way to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics that make coffee great. The coffee grinders for professional use are aimed at establishments with different quantities of cups served, meeting professional needs in the best possible way.

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Professional coffee grinders: from the bean to the espresso

The coffee grinder consists of a motor shaft to which a rotating grinder is connected, above which a second one is placed. The two discs are connected, and the size of the coffee powder will depend on the distance between them. The market offers various models with variable characteristics more or less suitable for different consumption needs: it is important to carefully consider these aspects since the consumables must be replaced after a certain number of coffees.

Professional coffee grinders, often equipped with a dispenser, are designed for the needs of the catering sector, i.e. bars and restaurants which, preparing large quantities of coffee every day, require efficient equipment that is easy to use and maintain. Coffee grinding is essential in the process of extracting organoleptic substances from the coffee bean: and depending on the grinding, the fluidity with which the hot water comes into contact remains, and flows through the coffee powder will vary.

For this reason, it is essential to personally adjust the coffee grain: to offer a truly unique and unforgettable espresso in the cup. Professional coffee grinders and dosers, therefore, allow you to grind the beans, establishing the size of the powder (generally from 1mm up to impalpable size) for the best extraction of all substances. The aromatic concentration and body of the espresso depend on these components, volatile and non-volatile.

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