For the choice of a coffee grinder for all of Italy, there is Macaf

For state-of-the-art coffee grinding, choose a professional coffee grinder or a MACAF coffee grinder: solid and compact, functional grinders capable of enhancing the quality of the coffee and easy to maintain, supplied throughout Italy, guaranteeing internal and external assistance.

The secret of a perfect espresso, as all baristas know, is to be found in the grinding of the coffee, a process that is made possible and facilitated by modern coffee grinders.

As the name suggests, the function of these machines is twofold: the grinder-doser reduces the coffee beans to powder, providing a perfect dosage for an espresso rich in aroma and flavor. Grinding the coffee is a crucial step to offering customers soft and fragrant espresso.

The coffee grinder and the importance of coffee grinding

The grinding of the coffee takes place immediately before use to best preserve the more volatile qualities of taste and aroma. By using machinery such as the professional grinder-doser, you are sure of offering an espresso with an irresistible taste, texture, and aroma.

The coffee grinder is therefore an indispensable tool for all bars that want to offer the best coffee to their customers. The quality of the water, the coffee machine, and above all the raw material and its treatment determine the taste of the espresso in the cup. The finest and most fragrant coffee beans must be reduced to a powder which, in contact with hot water, will give the final drink its typical characteristics of body, aroma, and perfume.

It is precisely the grinding process that allows the water to extract these substances in the best possible way, aiming to offer a powder with the ideal consistency. An excessively fine grind would make it difficult for the powder to come into contact with the water, which would take too long to pass through the coffee, giving the drink a burnt taste; a grind that is too coarse, on the contrary, would let the water slip easily but would risk retaining the aromatic substances in the dispenser.

Hence, the importance of choosing a high-quality professional coffee grinder, which must take into account the number of cups prepared each day.

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The choice of the professional coffee grinder

The grinder dosers are offered in two main variants which are distinguished by the shape of the grinders, flat or conical. The flat grinder doser is a cheaper variant, which is recommended when daily consumption does not exceed 3-4 kg (taking into account that the flat grinders must be replaced every 300-400 kg of ground coffee). The grinder-doser with conical burrs, on the other hand, is suitable for higher consumption of coffee, considering that the conical burrs retain their effectiveness for up to 800 – 1000 kg before requiring their replacement.

The operating mechanism of the coffee grinder is based on a motor shaft to which a rotating grinder is connected, above which a second grinder is placed, which is in turn connected to it via a threaded ring nut: this last one allows you to adjust the distance between the two discs, and consequently the grain of the ground coffee. Since in the grinder with conical burrs the expulsion of the coffee powder does not require centrifugal force, the burrs rotate more slowly, protecting the coffee from overheating. It is a more pricey model, but guarantees more satisfactory performance for longer in bars that serve large quantities of coffee, especially at certain times of the day.


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